Teaching English: Taboo! Game Cards {Free Printable}


An important skill I try to develop in my students is the ability to communicate their message even when they don’t have the exact vocabulary for what they’d like to say. One game that helps to broaden their vocabulary and help them get their point across using descriptions and creative thinking is Taboo. I custom-made a 25-page set of cards that are a little simpler than the real Hasbro game cards. I had them printed on heavy paper and cut at a local print shop, and they make for a great class activity or for a short time filler during the last few minutes of class.

(If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of the game, you can find them at this site. Basically, the goal is to look at the top word on each card and use any words besides those listed on the card to get your teammates to guess the top word.)

You can download the 25-page PDF version of these cards here: Taboo Game

Here’s a preview of the cards:




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