Culture & Life in China

China Highlights: This is a good site for researching China train schedules and planning travel times. This link will take you to a video about Chinese New Year Traditions with a great video and article. Just run a search for “China” using the site search bar and you’ll find a whole bunch of informative videos about China’s history and traditions.

Medicine in China: China Helpers has a great resource for buying medicines including drug names, the Chinese name, dosage instructions and more.

Language-Related Resources

There are so many good resources, but here are a few of my go-to pages and some links I’ve found especially helpful:

Anki: For a few years now, Anki has been one of our top choices for studying Chinese. It’s a free computer app that allows you to make flash cards (or download already-existing decks of cards) and puts them into an algorithm for you, showing you which cards to study each day. It really helps us stick to at least a bare minimum of studying every single day, or else the flash cards will pile up… and that’s no fun for anyone. We’ve added almost everything we’ve studied here in China– words, sentences, some jokes, expressions, quotes. It helps us review and refresh so much information. We love it and so highly recommend it!

Carl Gene: Carl Gene’s site has some good resources. A couple of lists I’ve found especially useful from that site are:

Having a Baby in China: Here’s a great list of pregnancy-related vocabulary whether you’re having a baby in China or your friend is and you want to talk to her about it!

HSK Printable Vocabulary Lists: Popup Chinese has free printable New HSK Vocabulary Lists for levels 1-6. They’re a great printable resource for studying and checking progress. A free printable PDF document showing simplified Chinese radicals ordered by stroke order.

MDGB Chinese-English Dictionary: This is one of my favorite online dictionaries. It’s reputable and has good break-downs of what each character of a word can mean. Dictionary:  Nciku seems to have gotten rid of its most excellent dictionary, but it’s still a great tool that I use especially for finding example sentences and expressions for new words I’m learning.

Purple Culture Chinese to Pinyin Converter: Paste Chinese text onto this site, or add the converter button to bookmarks and simply click when visiting a different website to see Chinese characters converted to pinyin. Words-Chinese is another good option for Hanzi to pinyin converting as well.

Recommended Articles

These are some articles that have helped and challenged me along the way… about hospitality, about comparison, about loving well.

A Few Things Well

Creating in a Comparing World

How the Hidden Dangers of Comparison are Killing us… The Measuring Stick Principle

Real (Uncomfortable) Hospitality




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