date top 15159986699Here are some of the date nights we’ve had in China. We live in a really small town, so there’s little to do in the first place, and if we do find something to do, it’s often hard to make it through a 2-minute conversation with each other without seeing someone we know  (which is great for every other time but not ideal for date nights). So– here are some ideas, most of which involve staying in for the evening and using our imaginations to make it extra-special.

Another note: Lots of these dates really do involve some preparation, printing, shopping, cooking. These things can be done together, or one of you can choose the date night and do all the prep work. One thing we do, since I’m the one who loves craft, design, planning, and cooking, is that each year for Austin’s birthday in January, I give him 12 envelopes, each of them containing all the movie links, printables, recipes, and nonperishable supplies (those that can fit in the envelope) for each date, one a month. That way we’re ready to go with a shopping list, recipes, music, etc. when the day of the date arrives. Anyway… on to the ideas… More to come later on as I have time to write…

Antarctica/ Ski Lodge Date

“Applebee’s-at-Home” Date Night

At-Home Melting Pot Fondue Dinner Date

Brazil-Themed Date

Cinco de Mayo/ Mexican Fiesta Date

Columbia-Themed Date

France-Themed Date

Germany Date

Glow-in-the-Dark Badminton Date

Greece Date

Home Spa Date

Ideas for Local {Small-Town China} Dates

Indian Buffet & Double-Feature Movie Night

Italy-Themed Date

Japan-Themed Date

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Date

New Caledonia Avocado Festival Date

Pizza Shop Date

Rooftop Campfire Date

Russia-Themed Date

Secret Agent Date

Sleepover Party

Switzerland-Themed Date

Thailand Songkran-Themed Date

Wild Wild West Date Night

VIP Red Carpet Movie Night

date bottom 15160047570


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