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Christmas Party Ideas


We, like many people, love Christmas. When we were in college, for 3 years Austin and I threw really elaborate and ridiculous Christmas parties for our friends and they were quite the hit! Here in China, and we’ve continued to host some fun Christmas parties to share the magic of the season with friends and students. Here are some ideas for things that have been successful at our Christmas parties here in China over the years.

  • Have a Christmas cookie-decorating party. Pre-make batches of dough (Last year we made a simple gingerbread dough and a sugar cookie dough) and several colors of icing in squeezable tubes (Ziploc bags with cut tips). When guests arrive, allow them to roll the dough, cut it with cookie cutters, add sprinkles, and then decorate cookies with icing after they’ve baked. Last year, one of our friends let us have our party at her really pretty house with her gigantic oven– it was wonderful!
  • Watch a Christmas movie. There are tons of great movies that capitalize on different Christmas themes; one fun one that our friends absolutely love is Elf.
  • Dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus. We got our costumes for 30 or 40 RMB a few years back, and people get a kick out of them. We wear them to class the week we teach about Christmas.
  • Have some Christmas activities or games. One fun game we played was a team challenge. students were divided into 2 teams. We made available rolls of wrapping paper, tinsel, Christmas lights, ornaments, stars, etc. and students had 15 minutes to decorate one member of their team like a Christmas tree. We had a prize for the team with the most beautiful Christmas tree. They loved it!
  • Tell the Christmas story. Re-enact it if there are enough guests who are familiar with it.
  • Sing Christmas carols together. A couple of years back we made a Christmas carol sheet with some carols in both English and Chinese so everyone could sing along. To download a PDF copy of that carol sheet, click here: Christmas Carols

And here’s a preview of what it that 2-page document looks like:

Picture 7Picture 8And finally, here are just a few basic words and sentences that may be helpful in directing and discussing the activities from this post (Paste any of the characters into to see them converted to pinyin):

  • Christmas parties 圣诞节派对
  • Christmas cookies-圣诞节曲奇
  • decorate Christmas cookies-圣诞节曲奇装饰
  • icing-糖衣
  • cookie cutters-饼膜
  • dough-胚
  • Roll the dough into an even layer.-把胚滚压成均匀的一层.
  • Use the cookie cutters to cut the dough into different shapes.-使用饼膜把胚印出不同的形状.
  • Use the icing and sprinkles/ candy to decorate the cookies.- 用糖霜和装饰彩塘/糖果来装饰曲奇.
  • decorate the Christmas tree-装饰圣诞树
  • wrap a gift-包装礼物
  • Christmas tree ornament-圣诞树元素
  • wrapping paper-包装纸
  • Christmas lights-圣诞灯
  • Today, each team will choose one person and use the materials to decorate that person like a Christmas tree.-今天,每个小组将选出一个人并用材料把这个人装饰成一个圣诞树。
  • Christmas carols-圣诞歌