guests 1 15159233448We live on campus at our university, so we do lots of entertaining and LOVE IT! Still, sometimes it can be tricky to think of ways to get the ball rolling with students who are quiet or who don’t have a huge variety of events from their daily lives to discuss. Then there are drop-in visitors, or the students who arrive an hour early and want to help, or the times when conversation lulls or culture gaps. We still enjoy our share of awkward moments around here, but here’s a page devoted to sharing some of the parties, meals, and other things we’ve done that have WORKED! It will be a slow work in progress to get things posted here… If you have more ideas or variations, please feel free to comment! We’re always looking to grow!

{Anniversary} Party Menu & Ideas: Picnic Theme with {Free Printable} Food Labels

Baked Potato Bar {with Printable Labels}

Birthday Cake: Burger and Fries Theme

Birthday Cake: Dinosaur/ Volcano Theme

Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas, Part 2 {with Cookie-Making Printable Sign & Labels}

Dumpling Party

Dying Easter Eggs

Fruit Sculpture Contest

Game Success: Twister

Girls’ Night: At-Home Spa {& Smoothies!}

Girls’ Night: Cake-Decorating Party

Ice Cream Sundae Party

Halloween Party

Holiday Special: Fruit Turkey

Hot Pot(火锅)

Make-Your-Own Pizza Night

Party Idea and Menu: July 4th Picnic Theme

Photo Scavenger Hunt


Quesadilla Bar {with Printable Labels}

Singles’ Day Party

Smoothie Bar {with Printable Labels}

Thanksgiving Menu {& Printable Labels}

“The Vow” Movie Night {& Printable “Hey Girl” Pictures}

guests bottom 15343567391






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