Here are some charts, tables, shopping lists, calendars, etc. that I’ve designed to help me organize my life in China– but they can be used anywhere! There are black and white versions as well as colored versions. Just click on the links below to download the PDFs… if you need another version of something you see, just let me know and I’ll do what I can to get it to you!

All-in-One Weekly Planner {Free Printable}: This is a condensed, one-page weekly planning sheet. The top of the page contains four boxes for weekly goals in four areas (eg. relationships, fitness, language, spiritual needs, domestic goals, etc.). This is followed by small spaces to plan daily meals,  make a shopping list. and record additional to-dos  and other thoughts.

Daily Priorities & Goals Chart {Free Printable}: This chart provides a place for noting daily goals and to-dos. Each day is divided into a place for “priorities” and a place for things to do “if time allows.” Both color and black and white versions with and without bullets are available.

Kitchen Labels {Free Printables}: Here are some labels for marking kitchen tools and ingredients. Just print, laminate, and use! There are 40 filled-in labels as well as a sheet of blank labels.

Pick-and-Choose Weekly Meal Planner {Free Printable}: This chart provides four main areas, one for breakfast, another for lunch, a third for dinner, and a fourth for snacks and allows for simply listing several choices for each meal that week in no particular order. This chart still helps with shopping in advance to have needed ingredients on hand, but allows for more choice day by day when it comes time to prepare a meal or snack.

Weekly Goals Post-It Chart {Free Printable}: This page has space for four post-it notes for marking weekly goals. Fill the page in randomly, or designate separate quadrants for separate areas of growth depending on your needs (eg. fitness & wellness, relationships, spiritual needs, professional growth, language-learning, domestic projects, etc.).

Weekly Meal Plan {Free Printable}: This chart can be used for planning meals or for keeping a food diary. The chart has spaces for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as morning, afternoon, and evening snacks.

Weekly Schedule Guide {Free Printable}: This weekly schedule guide runs from Monday through Sunday, 5am until midnight with boxes for each hour of the day. There’s a place at the top for marking priorities as a reminder of what needs to be done or focused on regardless of what else is going on.

Weekly Shopping List {Free Printable}: This post contains several variations of a weekly shopping list. There are black and white as well as colored versions, versions with and without pre-marked categories, versions with and without lines and check boxes.

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