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Fruit Sculpture Contest


We had another good term with students. One girls’ night we hosted was a fruit sculpture contest. We all went out for dinner first, and then 16 girls came back to the house to compete in a flurry of cutting, skewering, and designing. It was a wonderfully simple event; all we had to do was buy the fruit and provide knives and cutting boards.

We told the girls they should work in teams of 3-4 and that they had 30 minutes to complete some sort of fruit sculpture. They had a lot of fun; some teams built vertically, and other teams made elaborate pictures more horizontally across their plates. When the time was up, we gave each team a chance to explain their creation, any symbolism, etc. I think they had as much fun with that part as with making the sculptures in the first place. We recognized each team and let the girls choose prizes from our prize table (which was conveniently filled with things we were getting rid of as we moved anyway.) Here are some pictures we took that evening:






And finally, here are just a few basic words and sentences that may be helpful in directing and discussing the activities from this post with local friends:

  • fruit sculptures- 水果雕刻
  • Use the fruits provided to make a sculpture out of fruit. Please work slowly and carefully. Put any edible parts of the fruit that you are not using into the big bowl for making fruit salad. You have 30 minutes to complete your sculpture.- 用所提供的水果来做一个雕刻。请小心谨慎进行。把任何用不上但可食用的水果部分放到这个大碗里做水果沙拉用。你有30分钟来完成你的雕刻。
  • cutting board- 切菜板
  • knife- 刀
  • fruit- 水果
  • toothpicks- 牙签
  • first prize- 第一名
  • second prize- 第二名
  • third prize- 第三名
  • Most Elegant Sculpture- 最优雅雕刻
  • Most Creative Sculpture- 最具创意雕刻
  • Most Colorful Sculpture- 最具色彩雕刻
  • Most Special Sculpture- 最特别雕刻