Melbourne Food and Wine Festival


Around February or March, Melbourne holds a huge food and wine festival with opportunities to taste various dishes, visit restaurants, bars, and food stalls, take part in classes with famous chefs, tour restaurants, and relax in a variety of dining experiences. We love all things food, so we decided to “travel” to Melbourne for our very own festival on one of our at-home dates this year.

Here are some ideas for creating an at-home Melbourne Food & Wine Festival atmosphere:

  • Watch a commercial, documentary, etc. about the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

  • Provide a spread of fun and/or fancy foods. We kept ours really simple, probably the kind of thing actual chefs at the real festival would cringe at, but it was good enough for us! We had shrimp with cocktail sauce, a small pizza, bruschetta and bread chips, some fresh blackberries that happened to be in season, and some bacon-wrapped asparagus.

  • Watch some cooking videos. You can choose some of the videos that were filmed at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival or any other cooking shows or clips. If you want, have the ingredients laid out for cooking one or two of the recipes, and cook together as part of the date. There’s a huge variety to choose from. If you search for “Melbourne Food and Wine Festival MasterClass” on YouTube, you’ll get lots of hits.
  • Our dress code was “kitchen classy/ hipster tourist.” We like to just choose a fun dress code and then look around the house and get creative in finding our costumes.
  • If the cooking videos aren’t enough to keep you busy, find a movie with an Australian theme.

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