Studying Chinese Mini-Posters: Asking for Clarification & “How Do You Feel Today?”


This post continues a series of posts featuring some mini-posters I put together for learning Mandarin. These are free & printable (made for A4 paper). They’re a good resource for early stages of Mandarin study and can be used to brighten up a language study area.

Today’s first mini-poster is about asking for clarification when having a Chinese conversation. A great skill for a language learner to possess is the ability to seek clarification while continuing to use the target language. To be able to ask a tutor or local how to express a particular idea in their language– using their language to ask the question–  can really increase the length of time and the depth of the conversation at hand. This mini poster includes questions and expressions such as:

  • How do I say xxx using Chinese?
  • I don’t understand.
  • Can you repeat that?
  • I didn’t hear that very clearly.
  • Can you please speak more slowly?
  • What does xxx mean?
  • How do you express xxx using English?

Here’s a preview of the mini poster:

To download this printable as a PDF, click here: Clarification in Chinese

Today’s second mini-poster is a half-sheet”How Do You Feel Today?” chart. This chart is a reference to help the student broaden his answer to the question “How do you feel today?” beyond “好” or ” 不好.” The chart contains nine different, common states or emotions that a student may be feeling on a given day including happy, sad, angry, hungry, and tired.

Here’s a preview of the half-sheet mini poster:

To download this printable as a PDF, click here: How Do You Feel Today

For a much, much more comprehensive array of emotions translated into Chinese, see Carl Gene’s “222 English Emotions Translated into Chinese.”


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