Studying Chinese Mini-Posters: “Catching Up” and “Zěn ​me​ yàng?”


In January I traveled to another city to visit some wonderful friends of ours. Their amazing children are studying Chinese and are doing so well. To help with their language lessons, I made several mini-posters with some basic words, expressions, and other information that they could reference as they study. These are basic but may be helpful to you if you’re beginning your language study or just need something colorful to post in your language study area. The next several posts will show previews of some of the posters as well as links to click on if you wish to download the PDFs of the files.

(Note: I am absolutely, absolutely NOT any kind of a Chinese or language-learning expert; the road ahead of me in my own study of Chinese is still long. A great big thanks to the language teacher who works with my friends’ family for her patience to check this work and ensure accuracy.)

This first poster is about “catching up.” It contains a few useful questions and phrases that friends might use to ask one another how each other are after a weekend (or other period of time) apart. These questions may be useful for a language tutor and student when making conversation during a Monday morning language session.

Here’s a preview of the mini poster:

To download this printable as a PDF, click here: Catching Up

The second mini-poster available in today’s post is a simple chart showing different ways of responding to the question “” or other similar questions inquiring about how something or someone is. The chart shows some basic English responses and Chinese equivalents including pinyin.

Here’s a preview of the mini poster:

To download this printable as a PDF, click here: Zenmeyang


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