French Toast Skewers


We’ve been special ordering bread from a local bakery here again recently. The idea is that they make us Italian-bread-shaped whole wheat bread without added sugar, and we pay them for it. They’re a bakery, and we’re customers with money. A straightforward transaction, right? Well, we think they got a new chef recently who is under the impression that bread should be dry, stale, and able to be used as a wiffle ball bat. Which leads us to making lots of French toast and croutons. No complaints, really. This week we were celebrating a little more of strawberry season and I decided to change the shape of our French toast a little and make French toast skewers. So this is an idea more than a recipe, but one I thought I’d share.



bread, cut into 1 1/2 to 2″ cubes

milk, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, or whatever else you put in your favorite French toast batter



other fruit if desired

Directions and Notes:

1. Heat and grease a griddle for making French toast.

2. Mix together the batter.

3. Dip cubes into the batter and cook them on the griddle, using tongs to gently turn them until all sides are cooked off. (Feel free to finish them off in the oven if you don’t cook every single side.)

4. When all of the French toast cubes are cooked, put together the French toast skewers by alternating fruit and French toast cubes. Serve with syrup on the side.


Note: These were so cute and looked so pretty. When everyone was ready for lunch, however, I still had some bread and fruit that wasn’t skewered, so I put out the finished skewers and then also a tray with the remaining loose ingredients. We enjoyed French toast skewers and French toast piles. Both were fun!


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