“The Vow” Movie Night {& Printable “Hey Girl” Pictures}


Our little family of students love Channing Tatum and requested a movie night when they found “The Vow” on our bookshelf last month. So we arranged a pizza and movie night with Channing and the girls.

Our apartment lacks the luxury of carpet, so we took the comforter from our bed and spread it out on our floor to cover the space between our couches. Then we lined the area with pillows and got out all the blankets we could find.

I wanted to add a little more of a Channing theme to our evening, so I grabbed some pictures of him and turned them into positive, encouraging “Hey Girl” pictures, which I hung on a line across the living room to greet the girls when they arrived. They were so excited.



When the girls arrived, we ate dinner and then piled into the movie-watching area. They loved the movie.



At the end of the night, they each got to choose their favorite Channing picture to take with them. Movie night success!




To download the Channing Tatum “Hey Girl” picture document, click here: Channing


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