Frosting Alternative


We can’t buy cake frosting where we live, and the few times I’ve made it, (a) it’s been hard to spread, and (b) about half of our local friends say it’s too sweet. I’m always looking for good ways to frost that don’t involve making my own frosting. This year, I was making 5-dozen cupcakes for a party and decided to try going frosting-less by using powdered sugar. It was a HUGE success– easy, pretty, and well-received.

I just filled a small sifter with the powdered sugar and sifted it over the chocolate cupcakes. It looked like snow and within 1 minute, all of my cupcakes were “frosted.”

I may never frost a cupcake again, especially not for Christmas parties where this snow-like alternative works.

One word of warning if you’re living in a place with high humidity: after a few hours, the powdered sugar will just sink into the cake, so you’ll want to do this within an hour or two of serving them. (If the powdered sugar sinks in like mine did the first time around though, you can always just re-dust them.)

I printed and assembled the pretty cupcake toppers from Peonies and Poppy Seeds.


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