Thanksgiving Menu {& Printable Labels}


We love holidays. And we love sharing them with our local friends. It can be hard to figure out what to make to please a big crowd, but we’ve been making a successful Thanksgiving menu the past few years. Here’s what’s on our Thanksgiving menu:



And here are some printable labels for your table or buffet bar. There are English versions and English-Chinese combination versions. The Chinese translations are from one of my Chinese friends who has spent 2 Thanksgivings in America and has a good amount of knowledge about American culture. However, because most of these foods simply don’t exist in China, at least not served in the typical American Thanksgiving way, the translations are still just approximations. The purpose of labels at our parties and gatherings is largely just to give our guests some idea of what all the food is as they come in and alleviate hundreds of inquiries to the chef as I’m finishing up jobs in the kitchen… and these labels do that quite well!

Here’s a preview of what two of the pages look like:



Click here to download the English version :Thanksgiving Labels- English Only

Click here to download the English-Chinese version: Thanksgiving Labels- English & Chinese

Please let me know if you need any changes, additions, other document forms, etc. Happy holidays!

Here’s a link for the Thanksgiving subway art I framed for decoration on our buffet.


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