Glow-in-the-Dark Badminton Date


We recently decided that we’d like to add another hobby to our lives, and we settled on giving badminton a try. We decided we might try playing on the roof of our building to give us a little more privacy. So I decided to plan a badminton night for us. The only issue was that night can be a little dark, so I thought, What about GLOW-IN-THE-DARK badminton?

It was so much fun! This was a fun and easy date to put together and execute. Here’s what to do:

  • You will obviously need badminton rackets.
  • Tell your date to dress in black and/ or fluorescent clothes.
  • Get some light up badminton birdies. I got mine from this Taobao site. I got the option that was a set of 4 for 18 yuan with free shipping, and they all work great.
  • To make it extra fun, get a pack of glow sticks and make jewelry/ headbands/ anything else to dress up with. I bought mine from this Taobao site. I ordered the set of 50 glow sticks in 5 different colors for 10 yuan with free shipping. Also worked great.
  • Then head outside and play, play, play! It was fun to just see flashes of light flying around as we swung our glowstick-adorned arms and watched the birdie fly.

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