Greek Date



On November 12, it was 6 years since Austin and I got engaged. So for this month’s Date-Around-The-World date, I cooked some of the same food I’d cooked for Austin that evening 6 years ago before he proposed– Greek food. I dug up some old recipes that I’d stored away from that night and managed to make them again– China style. They turned out great, and we had a fun evening.

Here are some ideas for creating your own Greek adventure:

  • Listen to Greek music (and dance if you like!).  
  • For food, keep it simple with lots of options for creating your own pita pockets with different combinations of meats, sauces, and spreads. Here are some things we ate:
    • Homemade pitas
    • White bean hummus
    • Stir-fried lamb slices- I bought the ones that they sell in the winter for Chinese hot pot. They’re really thinly sliced and are great on sandwiches or in pitas. I just stir-fried them in a touch of olive oil for a few minutes until barely browned and sprinkled with salt.
    • Lamb skewers- These are another thing conveniently ready-to-go in Chinese markets. They sell them for barbecuing. They taste like they’re already lightly seasoned, so I just popped them into the oven on a wire rack for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Alternately, you can slide the lamb off of the skewers and stir-fry it in a little olive oil so it’s ready to slide right into a pita.
    • Tzatziki
    • Hot pepper cheese dip
    • Pork souvlaki
    • Roasted asparagus
    • Grapes
    • For dessert, we went for something pretty non-authentic. We used pita halves, which we stuffed with dark chocolate chips, homemade peanut butter, and marshmallows and then microwaved until they were melty and warm.
  • Decorate simply. I used a simple piece of white fabric and bought a string of leaves from a local flower shop to lay down the center of the table.
  • Make it a toga party. We grabbed a blanket and a scarf and made something toga-like to wear. For women, wear gold or bronze jewelry/ head wraps. For men, try making some kind of vine/ leafy crown.
  • Watch a Greek movie. Of course, there’s always “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” or “My Life in Ruins.” Six years ago, on the night we got engaged, after we ate our Greek meal, we’d watched the cartoon movie Hercules, so for this month’s Greece date, we watched the new Hercules movie that came out this year.



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