Girls’ Night: At-Home Spa {& Smoothies!}


This term we’ve been having a group of girls over every 2 weeks. They’re sweet and fun and open to lots of new ideas, so they’re extra fun to hang out with!

On Friday night, we had a Girls Only Spa and Smoothie Night. I had some dinner ready for them when they arrived and had a smoothie bar set up where they could choose their own ingredients and give me their choices to blend up. The cute printables and more information on that smoothie bar are from a previous post.After we all had our smoothies, we got going with our spa. Here are a few things I did that worked really well, but I think my guests might have been satisfied with anything…

  • Get a bunch of buckets and fill them with very warm water for the girls to soak their feet. I borrowed a bunch of buckets from one of my friends to keep from having to buy too many. I had some packages of bath salts that I got for about 4 yuan each and split them between the buckets. Add some flower petals to make the buckets pretty if you want. I picked up some flower petals from outside and the girls absolutely loved them!
  • Put out magazines or books for the girls to read while they soak their feet, or show a movie.
  • Provide headbands and hairbands for the girls to put their hair back.
  • As the girls soak their feet and sip on smoothies (or other spa beverages of choice), bring around some face wipes for washing their faces and then some face masks for the girls to choose and put on their faces.

Put out a basket of nail polishes for the girls to paint their own or their friends’ toenails and fingernails. I made this into a contest and gave prizes to the girls who painted the best-looking nails, decided by a vote. I gave a cute purse, fun underwear, and pajama pants.And finally, here are just a few basic words and sentences that may be helpful in directing and discussing the activities from this post (Paste any of the characters into to see them converted to pinyin):

  • At-Home Spa Party- 居家spa派对
  • spa- spa (one of those words that just carries over)
  • to soak feet- 泡脚
  • flower petals- 花瓣
  • face masks- 面膜
  • to put on face masks- 贴面膜
  • towel- 面巾
  • bucket- 水桶
  • nail polish- 指甲油
  • nail polish remover- 洗甲水
  • to paint toenails- 涂脚趾甲油
  • to paint fingernails- 涂指甲油

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