Rooftop Campfire Date


Last weekend Austin told me he wanted to plan a date for us. He did a great job and I wanted to share his idea!

He planned a rooftop campfire for us, and here’s how it went down:

  • For the fire: We used one of the little Chinese barbecue grills that you can get at in the local markets for around 12 or 13 RMB in our town. Austin went to a wood shop and asked them for small pieces of scrap wood, which they gave to him for free. We used scrap paper from our apartment to help get the bigger pieces burning. Our camp site was right on top of our apartment building, one of those things you wouldn’t be allowed to do in America but is totally okay here in our little town!
  • For the food: Austin made a spice mix and then went to the market, bought some meat and some intestines and took it all to the sausage lady who turned out some fabulous sausage links for us. We roasted those over our little fire and put them inside some bread I made. For dessert, we roasted marshmallows and had s’mores, of course!

This date was fun and cheap with not too much prep time. Two thumbs up, Austin!

More information on the whole sausage-making process to come… with a recipe!


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