Game Success: Twister


Who knew Twister would be so much fun for college students?!?!

We’re never sure just what’s going to go over well with our friends here in China. Sometimes the things that our American friends absolutely love are a “fail” with local friends; other times really simple things will entertain guests for hours… and hours! Last night at a girls’ night we hosted here we whipped out a game of Twister we’d bought on Taobao a while back.

The high heels flew off. Girls called each other out for group challenges and one-on-one face-offs. There was laughing. And pushing. And so much fun. These girls played this game for more than an hour… which is a really long time for Twister. Anyway, it obviously depends on your group of friends, but I wanted to take a second and jot this down on the list of things that have officially “worked” for us in the entertaining guests department!

(I just Taobao-ed Twister in English and a bunch of hits come up for anywhere between 10 and 28 RMB. The one I ordered showed Hannah Montana on the box, but the mat inside (thankfully) was just a normal Twister board with no sign of Ms. Montana.)

A couple of practical (and obvious) tips:

  • Everyone should take their shoes off so they don’t damage the board.
  • Have extra t-shirts available if girls have lower cut shirts on and want to change before the game.
  • Best played in single-gender groups (at least with our students).


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