Fruit Turkey


This is just a fun holiday idea that we’ve done every year since arriving in China. Our first year here, we were assigned to bring the fruit salad to a Thanksgiving dinner we were attending. I thought that a normal bowl of fruit salad sounded kind of boring and uninventive, so we put together this little guy:

We shaved a little bit off the side of a cantaloupe so it could sit firmly on a baking sheet, plate, etc. Then we used wooden barbecue skewers to skewer fruit in as many colors as we could find.
To make the head, we attached a small pear to the cantaloupe using toothpicks. We used raisins for the eyes, apple for the beak, and red pepper to form the front feet and gobble. Our friends love taking pictures with this thing every year when they come over for Thanksgiving dinner. In a land where turkeys are sparse, this fruit turkey is the only turkey at Thanksgiving dinner, and we welcome him!


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