Burger and Fries Cake


For Austin’s 26th birthday, I put together this burger and fries themed cake tray. It was so cute and super easy. Everything was really accessible for people to just grab and eat what they liked, and our guests thought it was super cool and couldn’t believe it was all made of sweets rather than real burgers.

Here’s how to make it:

For the burger buns, use yellow cake cupcakes (or the yellow cakes you can buy on the street here in China. They’re cheap, lightly sweetened, and best of all… they’re already made!) Press a few sesame seeds onto the top for extra burger roll effect.

Make a tray of brownies to be the burger patties. Use a round cookie cutter or a cup to cut the brownies to be the right size for the rolls.

Use red, green, and yellow icing as “condiments” for the burgers.

For the fries, make plain (or chocolate chip) biscotti and put them into little fry wrappers.

Have a little try for each party guest as they “place their orders,” or just make 1 feature tray and have extra burgers and fries out on other plates for guests to grab as desired.

I customized the paper for the bottom of the tray and the fry containers to specifically say “Happy Birthday, Austin,” but if you want just a general “Happy Birthday” version, you can download that here: Happy Birthday Print

For the tray paper, I just printed several pieces and overlapped them on various trays. For the French fry bags, I printed each, folded them in half and then folded the sides back and taped them on the backs of the bags—the backs of the bags didn’t look so pretty, but (1) no one noticed, (2) anyone who might have noticed did not mind, (3) this did not affect the quality of the food or the love expressed through the food, and (4) the goal is always love and enjoyment, not perfect party-planning (as I must often remind myself!)

Here’s a preview of what it looks like. There’s a second page to the document, too, with the printout for fry bags:They were a crowd pleasers for sure!


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