Party Ideas & Menu: July 4th Picnic Theme


This year was our first year to have a July 4th party here… I think we were just looking for an excuse to have a party. Of course, our local friends didn’t really care much about the holiday itself, but they were happy to show up to dinner and see red, white, and blue in abundance. They also enjoyed our {atrocious} performance of America’s national anthem.

This is just a little post to provide a piece of inspiration for a July 4th party, or any picnic-themed party.

Setting it Up:

First, we decorated our usual food tables with navy blue, deep red, and white.

Before we added food…And after we added food…

(We served food in the same little straw baskets from our anniversary party and lined them with printed baking paper.)We found some free patriotic printables online and printed and framed them… (See list of links below.)

And we printed some American flags to wrap around water bottles… It was amazing how much this impressed our guests.

Links to Printables:

  • “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” Printable from Makoodle
  • “Stars and Stripes” Printable Popcorn Cones from Martha Stewart Living
  • “God Bless America” Printable from Landee See Landee Do
  • There is also tons of free printable subway art out there. Just Google “patriotic subway art” and tons of options will come up.
  • I really just wanted a simple stars and stripes banner to hang from our food table, so I made a document with 2 pages of stars and 2 pages of stripes, printed it, and cut the paper into the size and shape I wanted. It was obviously super easy to make, but it’s easier to just click “download,” isn’t it? I’ve pasted a couple of pictures of those pages here. If you want to download that PDF, click here: Stars and Stripes
    Picture 2Picture 3
  • I also made a simple document with deep-colored American flags to be wrapped around water bottles. The document also contains some mini flags for attaching to toothpicks, etc. as an added decoration. There’s a mini picture of what one of the pages of that document looks like below. To download that PDF, click here: Bottle Labels & Mini Flags

Picture 1

Food/ Menu Ideas:

July 4th was a challenge to find red, white, and blue foods here. Many recipes I found online called for whipped cream, strawberries or other red berries, and blueberries, none of which are easily accessible here. Here’s the menu I came up with using things that were easy to find and put together. Some of them are an attempt to stick with red, white, and blue; others are just picnic foods that reminded us of July 4th.

  • Wonton Scoops with Garden Veggie Salsa
  • Liang Cai (I just bought the white-colored ones to stick with the red, white, and blue theme—lotus root slices, white mushrooms, white raddish, etc.)
  • Fried Chicken
  • Popcorn in Patriotic Cones
  • Patriotic Yogurt Cups: Blue jello on the bottom, white yogurt in the middle, red watermelon cubes on top. We served these in clear cups so we could see the colors well and served them with mini blue spoons. (I made jello from a blue sports drink and gelatin following this recipe.)
  • Decorative Jars filled with Red Dates, White Candied Coconut Pieces, and Blue Mystery Dried Fruits
  • Patriotic Cake (something red, white, and blue, or with red, white, and blue sprinkles on top)
  • Watermelon Slices or Stars (These stars were a pain to make… I recommend slices!)
  • Veggie Kabobs with Sausage Balls
  • Dumplings: These weren’t on the original menu, but one of our guests brought them as a gift. We threw them onto a navy-blue plate and they went quite well with the theme!
  • White Corn on the Cob: Roast and serve cob halves on sticks.


Dress up in red, white, and blue. Depending on your guests, ask them to do the same… Red, white OR blue works… they probably have something in one of those colors.


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