Girls’ Night: Cake-Decorating Party


Last term I invited a group of girls over for a cake-decorating party. I bought some cheap metal lunchboxes from a local shop that I used to make mini-cakes (6-7″) and then provided icing, icing tubes for decoration, and a huge variety of dried fruits, candies, and sprinkles for the girls to use to decorate their own creations. They were told that after they were done, their cakes would be judged and the first, second, and third place winners would receive prizes. (I had pajama pants, fun underwear, second hand purses, etc. available for them to choose from and they were SO excited!… And I made sure there were actually enough prizes for everyone to take a little something home.)

It was girly-girl heaven!

They’d never done anything like it before and they LOVED it! It was much like I imagine it would have been at a birthday party for first grade girls in America, and their cakes looked about that way when they were done! They had a blast and after all the photo-taking and the prize-giving, we dove into their cakes together. At the end of the night, they got to take what remained of their cakes back to the dormitory and share them with their friends.

Austin was the official cake judge.

And here are some of the works of art…

And finally, here are just a few basic words and sentences that may be helpful in directing and discussing the activities from this post (Paste any of the characters into to see them converted to pinyin):

  • cake decorating- 蛋糕装饰
  • to decorate a cake-装饰蛋糕
  • cake-蛋糕
  • frosting/ icing on cakes-糖衣
  • sprinkles-装饰彩糖
  • decorations (like decorations for a cake)-装饰材料
  • prize-奖品(the items they will receive for winning); 奖项(the name of the the prize they win)
  • contest-竞赛
  • There will be prizes for different categories.-不同类别的奖项都会有奖品
  • Most Beautiful-最美的
  • Most Colorful-最具色彩的
  • Most Elegant-最优雅的
  • Most Artistic-最具艺术感的
  • Most Creative-最具创造力的
  • Most Chinese-最具中国特色的
  • Most Bling Bling-最闪亮的


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