Dumpling Party


Something our students love is having dumpling parties. It’s a great chance for them to come into our home and share their own culture with us. I love this event because it’s typically low-prep for me. Also, it gets everyone involved and gives us all something to do while we hang out and talk.

Here’s how it works:

-Students set a day and time to come over and make and cook dumplings, then play games, watch a movie, or whatever.

-They go shopping (with or without me) to make up whatever filling or fillings for the dumplings they want to make and buy the dumpling skins.

-They come over and we all make the dumplings together.

Some fun ways to make this event even more interesting:

-Prepare some creative fillings students are less likely to have tried before. We’ve made them with a mashed potato filling, a Mexican taco meat filling, an apple pie filling, etc. Students enjoy seeing a creative way of eating a food familiar to them.

-Have a contest for the most creatively shaped dumpling, the most beautiful dumpling, etc.

-Traditionally, sometimes there is a coin hidden in one of the dumplings and the person who then finds the coin when it’s time to eat will have good luck… or something like that. Anyway, my student like to hide something like a date or a big piece of spicy pepper in a few of the dumplings for fun. It’s amazing how much excitement this little thing can add to our whole event!


Steaming, frying, boiling, or even baking the dumplings have been successful. Different students can run different stations to cook them.

One thing I always forget: This event usually requires several large trays for lining the dumplings up as we make them and before they’re cooked; we always seem to run out of room here.

And finally, here are just a few basic words and sentences that may be helpful in directing and discussing the activities from this post (Paste any of the characters into purpleculture.net to see them converted to pinyin):

  • dumpling party 饺子派对
  • coin- 硬币
  • dumplings- 饺子
  • filling-馅
  • Put the filling into the dumpling skins.- 把馅包到饺子皮里
  • to steam-蒸
  • to boil- 煮
  • to fry-煎/炸
  • steamed dumplings-蒸饺
  • boiled dumplings-煮饺
  • fried dumplings-煎饺

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