Lightly Sweetened Overnight Baked Oatmeal


We really like this baked oatmeal recipe. It’s simple and doesn’t contain loads of sugar and butter like other recipes. It’s nothing fancy at all but is a great starting point for experimenting with other additions: fruit, chocolate chips, coconut, etc.


½ cup applesauce or “pearsauce” (The same as applesauce but made from mashed pear.)

3 eggs

1/3 cup brown sugar

1 ½ teaspoons baking powder

1 ½ teaspoons vanilla

½ teaspoon nutmeg

½ teaspoon cinnamon

¼ teaspoon salt

1 ¾ cups milk

2 ½ cups normal raw rolled oats (not instant, not quick-cooking, not steel-cut… just the standard rolled oats found in the “scoopable” section of Chinese supermarkets)

Directions and Notes:

1. Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl.

2. Pour into a 9 x 13 pan or other similarly-sized baking dish.

3. Refrigerate overnight.

4. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45-50 minutes until baked and set in the center and golden brown on top. Serve warm. Top with milk or added sweetener (honey, etc.) if desired.



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