Spoken English Activity: Race Around the World


I do this activity in my spoken English classes. It’s absolute chaos but great practice and great fun at the same time. Rather than typing up all of the instructions, I’m just going to post a picture of the worksheet that students receive to guide them through the activity; all of the instructions are included.

Here are the instructions… all the printables can be found below:

To download the instruction worksheet, click here: Race Around the World

About 1/4- 1/3 of students should be travel agents. I usually print a few copies of each travel airline schedule and laminate them so they can be easily re-used. To download the airline schedules, click here: Airline Schedules

Travel agents are responsible for cutting and distributing airline tickets as they help customers book flights. To download airline tickets, click here: Airline Tickets

In each class, just a handful of students (usually 2 or 3) should be police officers. This really helps with reinforcing rules. Police officers receive a police badge and fine cards that they cut and distribute as needed. To download the police badges, click here: Police Badges

To download the police fine cards, click here: Police Fine Cards

Some teachers play the game with fake money; my students just imagine that they’re using a credit card and keep a running tally of how much they spend on tickets or are fined by the police.



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