American Government, Citizenship, and Voting PowerPoint


American Society and Culture is an optional course at our college, so I usually keep the teaching of the course light. Most days we talk through a PowerPoint presentation together. The PowerPoints for this course contain lots of pictures and graphics for discussion and interest. I also show a huge number of video clips from YouTube to compliment each PowerPoint presentation.

I put these presentations together about two years ago, so a few of the statistics may have changed; however, the enduring cultural information is accurate. These presentations use simple English and often really simplify what can be some very complex topics. As always in culture classes, the teacher should emphasize that each country has many individuals and so we cannot and should not over-generalize; we can just notice trends and traditions practiced by large groups of a population.

Some of the PowerPoints for this course were made to compliment a textbook that we use in class; those portions can be easily edited out, however.

Please feel free to use, edit, and share them as needed.

To download the PowerPoint presentation for American Government, Citizenship, & Voting, click here: Government-Voting-Citizenship-NatlSymbols

Other lesson ideas: Distribute a “Bill of Rights” worksheet for students to read through. There are elementary versions of these available that make it more accessible for English Language Learners. There are several other worksheets available online describing how to become the U.S. President, how to become a U.S. Citizen, how a bill becomes a law, and quizzes to determine whether you might be a Republican or a Democrat. Students have been interested in several of these activities.

Here are some previews of a select few slides from the presentation:


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