Window on Britain Video Links & Free Printable Notes Worksheet


When teaching about Britain in my Culture of English-Speaking Countries class, I used some great videos from YouTube. The videos are part of a series called “Window on Britain.” I loved these videos because the English was clear and very understandable for my students. First, I distributed the “Window on Britain” worksheet (below). We went through the worksheet part by part, first reading the questions for one section, then watching the corresponding video clip while students tried to write down the answers to those questions. Then we went over the answers together. It was a really fun, interactive listening comprehension activity as well as a good way to get to know British culture.

This lesson was followed by a slightly more in-depth exploration of British culture during the following weeks.

There are several topics available in this video series, but the five I included in this lesson were the following:

Introduction to Britain

Schools in Britain

Food in Britain

Homes in Britain

Festivals in Britain

To download the PDF worksheet I made for this activity, click here: Window on Britain Video Notes

Here’s what it looks like:


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