Culture of English-Speaking Countries Fact Sheet: Canada {Printable Worksheets}


During my Culture of English-Speaking Countries course, we overview basic facts and cultural points about the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Canada. Before reading other various articles and engaging in cultural experiences, we go through a fact sheet about each country. Since I as the teacher am the one doing much of the talking during this initial lesson, I have made the fact sheets with blanks for students to fill in missing words and help them focus as they listen. Students here get a surprising amount of entertainment from trying to guess the missing word and the lecture session turns into a fun challenge… kind of amazing!

Note: Also, in order to increase student interest and understanding, I try to load these lecture sessions with as many short videos as I can find on YouTube such as an introductory video showing sights around the country, videos showing highlights from a particular sport that’s mentioned, etc. Some of the lecture sheets also contain references to articles that can be read and discussed at given points in the lecture.

To download the fact sheet without missing words for Canada, click here: BE Canada Fact Sheet

To download the fill-in-the-blank fact sheet for Canada, click here: BE Canada Fact Sheet FIB

Here’s a preview (page 1 of a 2-page document):


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