Teaching English: “Blessed” {Printable Song Sheet}


The song “Blessed” by Martina McBride went over well during our “Great Women” unit. It was uplifting & inspired some good discussion on what it means to be blessed.

When I’m teaching music to English language learners, here are some things that have worked well:

  • Give students time to read the song lyrics quickly before we listen.
  • Give students time to complete a slow read after their first listen, underlining any words or phrases they don’t understand.
  • Students ask their questions and take notes about the meanings and uses of various words and other related example sentences and phrases.
  • Students repeat the song after me, line after line with a focus on pronunciation and intonation.
  • Students practice singing the song along with the original track.
  • Students sing the song along with an instrumental track.
  • Students answer discussion questions pertaining to the content of the song.

Click here to download the PDF worksheet: Blessed Worksheet

Here’s what the  worksheet looks like:


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