Cinco de Mayo/ Mexican Fiesta Date


In May we “traveled” to Mexico for a little Cinco de Mayo. Here are some ideas for a fun Mexico-themed date, any time of year!


  • Make some form of piña coladas or Mexican hot chocolate.
  • Make big plates of nachos, or make taco bowls. We had a taco bowl bar using taco bowl molds. They were so fun to make and eat with!

  • Dress up in whatever you think someone might wear in Mexico. Austin cracked me up with his makeshift poncho-scarf. I wore big earrings & bright colors.

  • Learn to dance the Salsa together. There are some links on YouTube with easy-to-follow instructions. There are lots of them out there; here are to different links to try if you don’t have time to browse for yourself: Link 1 and Link 2.
  • Decorate with red, white, and green. I used green and white tissue paper to make fringes around our food table. Here’s another website with some free printables for decorating. That’s where I got my “Fiesta” sign in the pictures.

  • Watch a Mexican sporting event. We watched a Mexico soccer game, but anything will do.
  • Watch a movie set in Mexico like Three Amigos or Man on Fire.
  • Set up the house like a Mexican resort with beach towels and umbrellas. Listen to Mexican music while sipping on fun drinks.


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