Dinosaur/ Volcano-Themed Birthday Cake


I love theme cakes. Love them. My mom always made us the coolest theme cakes for each birthday growing up. I remember a really cool Beauty and the Beast style mirror cake when I was in elementary school, a Mulan-themed cake, a giant turtle made out of cupcakes with different shads of green frosting, and so many others over the years. I’ll never be the woman my mom was, but I do like making fun cakes with whatever ingredients I can find here in China.

For Austin’s 24 1/2th birthday (Half holidays are big here in our home), I made this dinosaur and volcano cake for Austin. It was so incredibly easy and we liked the way it turned out.

The base was a chocolate cake covered in green frosting.

The volcano was made of chocolate cake. I made one chocolate sheet cake and then cut several circles, which I stacked on top of each other, shoving a pair of chopsticks down the center to hold it together and support it. Then I used a knife to shave the outside of the stack into a volcano shape. The cake was crumbly and the result was a nice, rugged, rocky looking chocolate volcano.

For the lava, I made some vanilla pudding, adding less milk than usual to yield a thicker pudding, which I then dyed red and spread down the outside of the volcano.

I bought small candy rocks at the local supermarket to decorate the landscape and then pressed in some dinosaurs. I wanted to use plastic toy dinosaurs but couldn’t find any at local toy stores, so I just used some paper dinosaurs that I happened to have on hand. (Because these are the essentials that I keep on hand. :))

Austin and his friends loved it.


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