Dying Easter Eggs


Easter is a great opportunity to invite guests to share in an important part of our lives. This year we invited guests over for an Easter picnic, conversation, and some egg decorating.

Prepare eggs and dye, and provide oil pastels for drawing on the eggs beforehand. After guests draw on the eggs, they can dip them into the dyes for 3-5 minutes until they are the color desired. We gave our guests several pictures of eggs we’d dyed in the past to serve as inspiration for anyone struggling with creativity.

Tip: the eggs should be a few days old. Older eggs will be easier to peel later. According to What’s Cooking America: “Start with hard-cooked (boiled) eggs and refrigerate until ready to use. Eggs that are too fresh are difficult to peel. The fresher the eggs, the harder it will be to peel them because the white membrane is just not mature enough. Hard boiling farm fresh eggs will invariably lead to eggs that are difficult to peel. Eggs need to be at least three (3) days old to peel well.”

Another tip: Last year I ran all over town trying to find white eggs because I was worried that tan or light brown ones might not dye well. In the end, I used some white ones and some tan—both worked great, so if white eggs are hard to come by where you are, too, don’t worry—that’s no problem.

Some friends gave us an egg-dying kit, which was so nice. If you don’t have a kit, however, here’s how to make egg dye by yourself according to Food.com. We’ve followed these instructions before with great results:

Ingredients (for each dye color)

10 drops food coloring

1 teaspoon white vinegar

1/2 cup boiling water


  1. For each dye bath combine 1/2 cup boiling water with 1 tsp vinegar and 10 drops of food coloring in a bowl. Start with 5 drops red and 5 drops yellow, for orange for example, or 6 drops blue and 4 drops green for turquoise.
  2. Dip hard-cooked eggs in dye bath for 3-5 minutes, extend time for richer color. Try using tongs to dip only half an egg in one color, then dip other half in a different color.
  3. Use tongs or a slotted spoon to remove eggs and place on wax paper to dry, blot any excess with a paper towel.

And finally, here are just a few basic words and sentences that may be helpful in directing and discussing the activities from this post (Paste any of the characters into purpleculture.net to see them converted to pinyin):

  • Easter egg dying party 复活节彩蛋制作派对
  • Easter- 复活节
  • Easter egg- 复活节彩蛋
  • to dye-染色
  • dye-染料
  • First use crayons to draw on the egg.-首先用蜡笔在蛋上画画.
  • Dip the egg into the dye and leave it there for 3 minute.- 把蛋浸到染料中留三分钟。


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