France-Themed Date


In April, we had a France-themed date. We had a really great time… here are some of our ideas for creating your very own evening in Paris from your living room!


  • Learn some French phrases to use during your date– or make a printout to put on the table and use during dinner.
  • Play some French cafe accordion music. Here’s a link I used that was great!
  • Dress up as French art critics, French artists, etc. Just get creative and use stuff you can find around the house.

  • Set up a simple dinner of french bread (or any bread), cheeses, fruit, etc. I also whipped up a French Onion Soup.

  • Eat dinner at a small “Parisian Cafe” on the roof of your building or anywhere else you like.

  • If your date is an overnight event, have crepes for breakfast. More ideas about crepes and printables for a crepe bar over at the Dating Divas website.

  • Watch a movie about France or one that takes place in France. A few ideas: Les Mis, Midnight in Paris, French Kiss, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • During your rooftop dinner adventure, whip out some paper and oil pastels or paints and create caricatures of each other.







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  1. Great ideas! I’ve never thought of dating my boyfriend at home… Not to talk about theme dates! Thanks a lot, really

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