Brazil-Themed Date


In March we continued our Travel-Around-The-World {From Your Very Own Living Room} Dating Series, and we visited Brazil. Once your traveling partner has his/ her passport and plane ticket, you’re ready to take off!

I used this fake airplane ticket generator website to generate all the tickets for this year’s dates.


  • Use a Carnival theme. Carnival took place in March this year, so March was the month we chose to visit Brazil.
  • Decorate with Brazilian flags, gold (candy) coins, Carnival/ Mardi Gras beads.

  • Wear masks and whatever you imagine is good clothing for Carnival, or dress in Brazil soccer uniforms or Brazil national colors.

  • Enjoy a Brazilian dish. We made a VERY heavily adapted version of Brazilian Feijodora, which was delicious—you can check out our own China-friendly version of that recipe here.

  • Dance the Samba or another fun dance. We can’t dance, but we’ll watch Dance Central or Just Dance videos from YouTube and follow along.
  • If you’re interested (like I was since my husband is a local soccer star :)), learn the rules of soccer so you can be a more informed spectator. (And yes– we had a mid-date outfit change so we could wear Brazilian soccer team uniforms for the soccer portion of the date.

  • Watch a Brazil-themed movie like Rio.

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