“Brazilian Meat Lunch”


I feel like this recipe warrants some explanation as to how all this meat ended up in the crock-pot together… Each month Austin and I have a special at-home date. This year, we’re visiting a different country each month, and this month’s theme was Brazil. We celebrated Carnival, danced a little Samba, watched a Brazilian movie, and Austin taught me the rules of soccer so I have a little more of a clue what’s going on during his tournaments. And, I decided to make this Brazilian Feijoada recipe, a recipe that calls for several kinds of meat including ribs, beef, salt pork, sausage, etc. and black beans. Making this dish was a great idea in theory except that we can’t get about half of the ingredients here, so while what follows is NOT the dish from that recipe, it was delicious and a big hit with Austin and me, even though I’m not usually a big meat lover. I basically used a bunch of different meats I could find locally, some things I didn’t think I’d ever put into a slow cooker together. (But then I seem to find myself doing lots of things I never thought I would here in China and am generally happy with the results.) And the next day, Austin wanted leftovers of this and referred to it as “Brazilian Meat Lunch.” The name stuck. Here’s how to make it:


2-3 cups cooked black beans

2 Tablespoons olive oil

1 medium to large onion, diced

4 garlic cloves, minced

2 spicy green peppers, diced

2 bay leaves

1 pound beef, cut into cubes

1 pound lean pork, cut into cubes

1 pound pork ribs (not cut into pieces)

100 grams slightly spicy local beef jerky

2 strips of local “bacon,” meat that’s hung and smoked, cut into large pieces… this was about a pound as well to begin with, but I trimmed off and discarded much of the thick strip of fat that ran along the outside. Here’s a picture of what I’m trying to describe; China friends will probably recognize it.

water or bean liquid

Directions and Notes:

1. Place the beef, pork, ribs, beef jerky, and bacon-esque meat pieces in the slow cooker.

2. Heat the olive oil over medium heat and add the onion, garlic, and peppers. Stir-fry until slightly soft and fragrant. Add to crock pot with the 2 bay leaves.

3. Add 2-3 cups of liquid (water or liquid left over from boiling the beans earlier). Cook for 6-8 hours on a low setting until meat is really tender. Check periodically and add more liquid if it’s becoming dry. Before serving, use the back of a ladle to mash some of the black beans against the side of the pot and stir back into the broth.

Serve over white rice with collard greens and hot sauce. Oh, and by the way, this is a lot of meat, and thus a kind of pricy dish to put together, but it lasted the 2 of us for several meals. This dish has been requested for the next guys’ night at our house.



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