VIP Red Carpet Movie Night


Watching movies is always a great activity when we’re wanting to stay in for the night. And since staying in is what we do most frequently on date nights in China, this one was perfect for us!


  • Lay out a VIP badge and VIP clothing (including sunglasses!) for your date. This could be as dressy as a suit or just a polo, you know, whatever your date will actually be wanting to wear for an entire evening of movie watching. I designed the VIP badge… and here’s that file: VIP Editable VIP PDF

IMG_0701 IMG_0706

  • Lay out a red carpet. I jut used an old red piece of fabric I had. Red plastic table cloths, red scarves, red poster board… whatever works. When it’s time for the date to start, begin with a red carpet walk for your date, with you acting as the paparazzi. Include some runway music for added fun, like this runway music from YouTube.

IMG_0728 IMG_0709 IMG_0708

  • Set up a concession stand with fun snacks and drinks for the night. Our snacks included bottled waters, popcorn, a few kinds of candy, and soft pretzels. I got these free printables over at Nine to Five that were so cute. I also designed my own “Concessions” banner, and here’s that file: Concessions

IMG_0702 IMG_0735

  • Then sit down in VIP seating and rest… You guys are the VIPs!

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