Sleepover Party!


We love sleepovers. Being married is kind of like a never-ending sleepover. A never-ending sleepover with dishes and work, but a pretty stinking good sleepover nonetheless. From time to time, we like to plan a really fun sleepover for ourselves, a sleepover with no work and all play.


  • Set up a pillow fort or blanket fort, or sleep in sleeping bags on the living room floor.
  • Make a sleepover basket with everything you might want for entertainment or snacking. Our sleepover basket included sleepover party admission tickets, a bag of popcorn, candy bars and fun drinks, fun quiz question books, and a DVD. I made my own little books using questions from the “Do you know your husband?” and “Do you know your wife?” books.

DSCN9645 DSCN9643

  • Party the night away… no bedtime!

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