Secret Agent Date


This was just a quick, fun date that was a fun way to end up up on the roof of our building for dinner.


  • The day of the date, hide a note explaining that there will be a secret mission waiting for your date when he arrives home. Just before your date leaves work, send him a text informing him that he will find this important note in his backpack/ briefcase, in the back of his cell phone, etc.


  • Upon arrival home, your date should change into a good secret agent outfit of course, solid black & ready to complete the mission.


  • In the original note, include that while solving the mission, he may employ the help of energy beacons, a.k.a. chocolate-covered strawberries or other snack of choice.


  • Hide clues all over the apartment, each one cryptically leading to the next. Each clue should be hidden and attached to one element that he will place in his secret agent knapsack and eventually bring to the roof with him. These elements are all part of the dinner on the roof and include: a blanket, flashlight, thermos of soup, sandwiches, or anything that’s desired.

DSCN9633 DSCN9627

This one was kind of cheesy but fun, and dinner on the roof is always a good time!


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