Russian-Themed Date


This year I decided to plan a year worth of dates that took us “around the world” to experience different cultures, food, drinks, etc. January’s destination was Russia.


  • Dress up as Russian mobsters or in traditional Russian dress, etc. I knew we were going to be playing a version of Russian Roulette later in the evening, so I made the dress code “Russian mobsters.” We had no idea what we were doing but just had fun with it.

   IMG_3193 IMG_3189IMG_3194

  • Play some Russian music. Watch a Russian dance performance like this one, this one, or this one from youtube.
  • Learn a Russian dance. We had a lot of fun following along with the “Just Dance” versions of Rasputin and Moskau.
  • Make some Russian food. We tried some Russian beef stroganoff and Russian cabbage and egg pirozhkis with some small adjustments and really liked them both.
  • Play a version of Russian Roulette with whatever rules you choose. I got a cheap toy gun and placed it on a plate in the middle of a circle of paper Russian dolls. Each doll can hold fun drinks, Russian-themed snacks, candy, something really good or something really gross, etc. Simply spin and eat, or incorporate some fun element like “Truth or Dare,” a dance-off, etc. between each round to determine who spins.

  • Finish the evening with watching a movie. Some movies we got in preparation for the evening are the animated version of Anastasia, The Hunt for Red October, and K-19: The Widowmaker (starring some back-in-the-day versions of Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson).

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