Pizza Shop Date


This is fun for pizza lovers and fun to do in China, where “throwing together” a pizza requires a little more work than a frozen pizza crust and pre-shredded cheese… sometimes you need to make an evening of it. The idea for this date was to open our own pizzeria (in our own home and with just enough pizza for two, of course!)


  • Ahead of time, prepare a couple of favorite pizza crusts so they’re ready to go when the date kicks off, especially if your favorite crusts have a lengthy rise time.
  • When the date begins, have a business meeting to kick things off. Decide what kind of pizza will be on the menu, what kind of music you want to play, what the dress code should be, any sides, drinks, or appetizers that will be served, etc. This can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Make a shopping list for ingredients (or buy any possibilities to have on hand ahead of time if shopping isn’t a “fun” thing for the two of you).

DSCN9984 DSCN9980

  • Set the appropriate mood with music, appropriate table settings, etc.
  • Have fun making & eating pizza together in your new establishment.

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