Indian Buffet & Double-Feature Movie Night


We love Indian food, so one evening we had a really fun Indian buffet. I went crazy making tons of Indian food, but it was well worth the work. We ate until we were going to burst! Highly recommended!


  • Send a fun India-themed invitation a day or two in advance.


  • Print an India-themed banner and cards for the different buffet dishes. If you’d like edit-able versions of the invite, banner, or food label cards, just let me know.


  • Decorate a sitting area with big, colorful pillows, an elephant-themed banner, colorful scarves, mirrors & candles, etc. Just use what you have or borrow some scarves and pillows from a friend.


  • Play some Indian music such as this Indian Lounge Music or this Bollywood songs collection.
  • Enjoy some pre-meal couples yoga. I made a PPT with some moves that I thought were do-able. :) I’m happy to pass it along if anyone’s interested. Just comment and I can e-mail it to you.
  • During the buffet, enjoy a double-feature of movies that are set in, partially set in, about, or somehow otherwise related to India. We watched “Bride and Prejudice” and “Eat, Pray, Love,” part of which takes place in India.
  • Make some fun recipes, as many or few as you like. I made a ton of them, and it was a while back. I know I had to adjust some ingredients because of what’s available where I live, but there’s a list below of links to some that I remember being really good starting points.

DSCN9834 DSCN9833

Some India-Themed Recipes on This Blog:

Indian Cabbage Curry

Indian Chole (Chickpea Curry)

Indian-Style Beef Kabobs with Cilantro Sauce



Potato Bhurta

Saag Paneer

Tandoori Chicken Legs

Tandoori Spice Mix




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