Home Spa Date


This was a great stay-at-home date that involved a whole lot of relaxation. Basically, we just set up a home spa using mostly whatever we had.


  • Gather lots of materials from around the house and then do a little extra shopping until you have everything you think would make for a good spa experience. This may include: big bucket for foot soaking, massage oils, soft towel, bathrobe, sponge for exfoliating, various washcloths, face masks & peels, lotions, slippers, lip balms, etc.
  • The week before the date, start giving your date “Spa Bucks” for little things he/she does around the house and sometimes for no reason at all. (Our spa was called “La Sirle Spa” and the spa bucks were marked accordingly.)
  • The day of the spa, set up a waiting room with a poetry book, spa clothes for your date to change into, and lots of ambiance with “spa music” from youtube and candles. Here are some links I used: Spa Music Sample 1, Spa Music Sample 2. DSCN9500The waiting room can also contain a list of all the spa offerings available including hand massages, foot massages, head massages, full body massage, and face and lip massage. Of course, make sure your date has made all the money he/she’d need by this point.

Picture 10Picture 11

  • While your date waits in the waiting room, make sure the ambiance is set inside the spa itself, and when you’re ready, invite your date in and allow them to choose which order they want their spa experience to happen in.
  • The home spa is great in the evening, but we also enjoyed doing it in the late afternoon and then having dinner at the “Oasis,” yet another room of the spa with a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Finish by watching a movie, reading together, going for a walk, or something else relaxing.

If you’d like any of the printables, feel free to e-mail me: bethany.sirles@zoho.com … I’m happy to pass them along!


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