Strawberry Banana (Soft Serve) “Ice Cream”


Picture 51


4 small ripe bananas, chopped into large pieces

1 super-heaping cup of ripe strawberries, washed and with leaves removed


1. Freeze the bananas and strawberries about 4 hours until very hard. Process in food processor until smooth. Blend in powdered sugar if desired.

2. Serve immediately as soft serve or return bowl to freezer to harden a little more before eating.

Picture 50 Picture 52

This isn’t creamy like real ice cream, but it’s a good frozen treat for hot days or any days.

Picture 61

In the past when our food processor was broken, we also used our blender, but it required adding a little milk which resulted in softer ice cream if eaten immediately (If put back into the freezer, the milk makes it harden too much).


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